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  • Zoo Build Event


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    To celebrate the Zoo Crate, we will be having a build event! The contest is from now until 23:59 UTC Wednesday, September 28th. You will be building on your preferred realm colour.

    We encourage you to be creative with this and follow the rules below.

    The theme will be "

    • This is an individual event across all colors. This is NOT on the events server.
    • Builds must be built in a 64x64 area and must follow the Zoo / Animal theme.
    • We will pick the top 5 winners across the entire server. In addition, the best build from each of the colors will get a bonus prize. There is one random winner.
    • Only 1 submission is allowed per person.
    • Only 1 player per build. If there are more participants the entry will be disqualified.
    • We encourage you to mark out the 64x64 area that you are building in.
    • All regular Vulengate rules apply.
    • Builds must be new and original. Copying someone else's build or recycling an older build is not allowed.
    • Builds must be built within the event period on the server.
    • Builds must be submitted by Wednesday 11:59PM UTC on September 28th, 2022.
    • Builds will be judged based off of: how much it follows the theme, creativity / uniqueness, aesthetics, and overall complexity.
    Builds must be submitted through the form:
    >> Click Here <<

    The top 5 builds will recieve:
    1st -6x [Zoo] Keys5x [Events] Keys2x [Rainbow] Keys1x 7 Days Fly Voucher
    2nd -5x [Zoo] Keys4x [Events] Keys1x [Rainbow] Key1x 7 Days Fly Voucher
    3rd -4x [Zoo] Keys3x [Events] Keys1x [Rainbow] Key1x 3 Days Fly Voucher
    4th -3x [Zoo] Keys2x [Events] Keys1x 3 Days Fly Voucher
    5th -2x [Zoo] Keys1x [Events] Key1x 24 Hours Fly Voucher
    The top build from EACH realm will receive: 1x [Zoo] Key, 1x [Events] Key
    One random winner will win: 1x [Events] Key

    Any additional information will be pinned in the #events channel on discord!
    If you have any questions, please ask in #events and not in #questions.

    Please submit your entry by Wednesday, September 28th 2022, 11:59PM UTC.
    Winners will be announced 1-3 days after the event is over.


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    A Zoo Build Event is a fun and creative activity that can be enjoyed by individuals or groups of people. Here are some tips on how to plan and execute a successful Zoo Build Event:
    1. Choose a location: Decide where you want to hold the event. This could be in a park, community center, or even indoors. Make sure the location is suitable for the size of the group and has enough space for the zoo build.
    2. Plan the zoo design: Decide on a design for the zoo. This could be based on a theme or just a collection of different animal habitats. Make sure to consider factors such as the size of the zoo, number of habitats, and types of animals to include.
    3. Gather materials: Gather all the necessary materials for the zoo build. This could include building blocks, toy animals, plants, and decorations. Make sure to have enough materials for all participants.
    4. Set up teams: Divide participants into teams and assign each team a section of the zoo to build. Make sure to have an even number of teams and provide each team with the necessary materials.
    5. Set a time limit: Decide how long the zoo build event will last and set a time limit for each team to complete their section. This could be several hours or even a full day.
    6. Have judges: Select judges to evaluate the completed zoos based on factors such as creativity, attention to detail, and overall appearance. Consider offering prizes for the winning team.
    7. Share the finished product: Once the event is over, invite friends, family, or even the public to come and see the completed zoos. This can be a great way to showcase the creativity and hard work of the participants.
    Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and be creative! Encourage participants to work together and think outside the box when designing their zoo habitats.