Yuumicchi IN JAIL!!!!

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    Apr 11, 2018
    im in jail im so so so sorry for doing what i did can i go out of it pls??? i will never do it again

    jk idk why im in there didn't BREAK any of the rules so... MOB ABUSE????
    killed a MOD wont say who but most ppl know i killed a mod in the nether 28K BLOCKS OUT in a fortress WHAT ARE THE ODS ye i killed him he had 59 lvl so he put me in jail for that hes fault he had pvp on i killed him he lost hes lvl and i asked "soo when can i come out" he said "when i have my 58 lvls back" i been in the nether for 4 hours found 35 spawners so i said to him u can use mine spawners to upgrade ur farm untill u have 59 lvls again AND HE JUST FRINCKING LEFT the game so i have to wait until hes back on and get hes fricking lvls.

    i made the wrong email on Yuumicchi so its Yuumicchireal.

    ("when i have my 59 lvls back*)
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    Mar 6, 2018
    Sorry for the late reply! Who were you jailed by, and are you unjailed already or not?
    - Hailey