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    Hey y'all,
    I'm Jarne, 16 years old and I live in pretty little Belgium. Yeah that country from the French, no "Belgian" fries, the beer and the chocolate. I often play on Red but I started on Green and Blue. Red was just that little more I thought. A nice community, my friends played along with me and the most important reason I played on Red was that I loved the colour. I don't really have a Big building yet, like y'all do. But I'm gathering resources and now i live in my cozy tiny wizard tower. So I would say, y'all are invited for a houseparty in my tower and underground base, just don't ruin it ;). I'm not going to set a date on it, but come when you want and hopefully we can know each other better.
    Sorry Sorry Sorry for my terrible English but i'm doing my best and thats more than enough for a game like Minecraft. I will say Good evening y'all, and make the community Great again.