Women in Game development.

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    May 13, 2018
    I dont know if anyone here gets a subscription to Gameinformers Magazines but I just got June 2018's issue and I think the first story that they start off with is great. With a title that takes up 2 pages "Women Creating A Brighter Future For Games" by Kimberly Wallace is a great article telling about women enjoying games and meeting friends on the games they play, and that more and more women are joining the game making industry, and how women are treated in online video games. But I want to talk about a certain portion of the article that talks about how women are joining the game making industry. First off I think its great that more women are joining the game making industry, everyone needs a job and why not join a job that correlates with your liking. Many Game Studios are looking for more FEMALE game developers, just because it mixes up the environment at work, it gives better insight for a multitude of problems, more opinions when decision making, and many more reasons. Studios are still looking for game developers male or female to help out with games but some are exclusively looking for more females than males just because to one studio "Females have more emotion and heart when working on something, So with that in mind we are looking for story development in females that send applications" That quote I thought was a little weird because males can put emotion and heart in when working on something. But I still agree with that quote and I still agree with the idea that we need more females in game development.

    Thanks for reading, this wasn't to get anything off my chest or to rant, but to explain a situation and promote my opinion for it.