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  • well uhm hi


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    Well uhm hi there!

    My name is Marie_Sukloff :). I'm not very social at the best of times but I am here to talk if you are lonely or just want to talk. I am greek so any greeks out there PLEASE CONTACT MEE ευχαριστώ <3. I am a harry potter addict....seriously its a problem now, if any rustic builders are out there i will happily accept any tips and trick i can get my hands on. Anyway hope you all are well



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    Hello! Welcome to Vulengate, there are a few Greeks.
    Είμαι ένας από αυτούς :) (Cypriot)


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    αυτό είναι εκπληκτικό! writing in greek is a bit hard for me so excuse the tenses:confused:. It's very nice to meet you!!