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  • Vulengate Olympics


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    To celebrate the end of the Olympic Crate, we will be holding the Vulengate Olympics! This contest will be run twice, Saturday, 31st July 6pm UTC & Sunday, 1st August 2am UTC
    This event will have teams run our Olympics course consisting of Parkour, Elytra, Trident, Horse, Swimming, Archery, and Boat courses! There will be 10 teams of 4 running the event course at once. All 4 players on each team must be from the same colour/represent 1 colour. That team's total time will then be added to their colour's overall time. When each player finishes the course, their total time recorded, and added to their team time, and that team time is added to the colour the team is representing.

    Additional info about signups will be on the signup sheet
    Saturday, 31st July 6pm UTC
    Sunday, 1st August 2am UTC

    • All regular server rules apply.
    • Teams must have 4 players to sign up before the event. If you don't you will be put in a team.
    • You will only get 1 chance to run the event, once you finish the course you will be kicked after 15 seconds.
    • If you have signed up previously and join the events server more than 5 minutes late to your time slot, you will be disqualified.
    • On average it will take 10 minutes to run the course. We will end your attempt at the course if your time exceeds 15 minutes , and your time will be added to your team and colours overall time as 15 minutes.
    • Signups are first come first serve to the first 10 teams per time slot that sign up (Have to be teams of 4 to sign up)
    • 10 teams will do the course at once, collision will be off and you will not be able to see each other.
    • Teams that have signed up will be whitelisted so they can join at the time slot they signed up for.
    • The server will be opened on Saturday, 31st July 6:10pm UTC & Sunday, 1st August 2:10am UTC for those who didn't sign up with a pre-made team to join, and they will get put in teams of 4 with people representing the same colour to complete the course once the pre-made teams finish.

    Click the link below for additional info and to sign up
    >>CLICK HERE<<

    Prize Table

    Fastest Player
    - Trophy, 4 Olympic Keys, 5 Event keys, 2 Rainbow keys, 3 Day Fly Voucher
    Fastest Team - Trophy, 2 Olympic Keys, 3 Event Keys, 24 Hour Fly Voucher (each)
    Fastest Colour - Key shower
    Fastest player on each colour - 2 Olympic Keys, 1 Event Key
    Fastest team on each colour - 1 Seasonal Key, 1 Event key (each)

    One random winner will win: 1 event key

    Any additional information will be pinned in the #events channel on discord!
    If you have any questions, please ask in #events and not in #questions.

    Please signup before Friday 30th of July at 6pm UTC.
    Winners will be announced 1-3 days after the event is over.