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  • Vulengate Kahoot event!


    After setting up some stuff, I can finaly announce the official date of the event, the game mode , rules and most important the prizes!
    All the prizes are sponsered by Kureen!:)

    Date: November 17th Saturday 12:00 PM EST (GMT-5)
    The event should last for atleast 1 hours +
    Game topics: Vulengate in general and Minecraft!
    Gamemode chosen: FFA - Free For All (only the winners will get prizes)
    1st place - 8 Cornucopia keys!
    2nd place - 5 cornucopia keys!
    3rd place - 3 cornucopia keys!
    4th place - 2 cornucopia keys!
    5th place - 1 cornucopia key!
    Random winner - 1 cornucopia key!

    1. Don't cheat, if you are caught cheating, you will immidiately be disqulified and punished on the server
    2. Be respectful for everyone, even if you lose this is not a reason why you should start being toxic to people.
    3. Don't spam, during the live stream I will be streamnig so don't spam if I don't tell you, I will hire one of the moderators to prevant people from spamming.

    If you are one of the winner, DM Kureen on discord or ./mail Kureen on the server to claim your prize, he will give it to you later.
    Link for the live stream:
    I will be live streaming the whole event, come join us bring some popcorn, play and most importantly try to win!

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