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  • Vulengate Hunger Games


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    You have been asking for a PvP event and your voices have been heard! This Sunday we are hosting an epic Hunger Games style PvP event. Those who participated in the Hide & Seek event at the start of this crate got a sneak peek of the map we designed for these Hunger Games.
    Will you go for the closest chests and face your enemies right off the bat, or will you head somewhere safe, and find gear and a vantage point in peace? The choice is yours, but the goal you all have in common, be the last one to survive.
    Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

    The event will start at 3PM EDT on Sunday, September 8th 2019.

    The event will be hosted on the events server (event.vulengate.com). The whitelist will be removed 20 minutes before start.

    How do I sign up?
    To keep it organized, we will be using sign-ups for this event. Sign-ups close at 2:45PM on Sunday

    1st overall - 15 Radioactive Keys + 1st Place Trophy
    2nd overall - 10 Radioactive Keys + 2nd Place Trophy
    3rd overall - 8 Radioactive Keys + 3rd Place Trophy
    4th overall - 5 Radioactive Keys
    5th overall - 3 Radioactive Keys
    8 Random Winners - 1 Radioactive Key
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