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  • Vulengate Horse Race


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    The event will start at 4PM EDT on Sunday, July 7th 2019, and last until we have a winner.

    The event will be hosted on the events server (event.vulengate.com). The whitelist will be removed 30 minutes before start.

    How do I sign up?

    Prizes, Rules and Information
    The prizes for this event will be as follows:
    1st - 15 Wild West Keys + 1st Place Trophy
    2nd - 10 Wild West Keys + 2nd Place Trophy
    3rd - 8 Wild West Keys + 3rd Place Trophy
    4th - 6 Wild West Keys + 4th Place Trophy
    Random Winner x10 - 1 Wild West Key

    These are the current rules for the event, breaking them may lead to disqualification:
    1. All applicable server rules still apply. If you misbehave, you will be punished on the regular servers as well.
    2. Do not leave your horse.
    3. If you are racing stay on the track, if you are spectating do not leave the spectating area. Leaving the area you are meant to be may lead to immediate disqualification.
    4. Once you have been teleported onto the track, enter mount the nearest horse and do not move until the race starts.
    5. If you are not present when it is your time to race you can be disqualified.

    Information about the event:
    The race will be run using horses of equal strength, speed and jumping height on a premade track with obstacles
    Each race will consist of 4 racers and last for 5 laps. The semi-finals and final will be 6 laps.
    Some races may have 5 racers due to uneven sign ups.
    The track will not be changed between rounds.
    The top two racers for each race will qualify for the next round
    The starting groups will be randomized.