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    Join us this Saturday, the 11th of April, on the Events Server for our first UHC Event!

    The UHC Event starts at 2PM EST.

    You will be able to join the Events Server 10 minutes prior to the start.

    Only 65 players will be allowed to join.

    This is just like normal Ultra Hardcore Survival although natural regeneration will be ON, and there is a world border that shrinks as the game goes on.

    More information and UHC Event rules are available on the Event Server with the /einfo rules command.

    Event Server IP - event.vulengate.com


    1st Place - 7 Spring Keys, 5 Event Keys + 1 Week Fly Voucher
    2nd Place - 5 Spring Keys, 4 Event Keys + 3 Days Fly Voucher
    3rd Place - 3 Spring Keys, 3 Event Keys + (2x) 24 Hours Fly Voucher
    4th Place - 2 Spring Keys, 2 Event Key + 24 Hour Fly Voucher
    5th Place - 1 Spring Key, 1 Event Key + 24 Hours Fly Voucher
    Bonus reward for most player kills – 2 Spring Keys, 1 Event Key

    We hope this will be fun for everyone, see you on Saturday!