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  • Treasure Hunt Event - Blue


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    Dear Adventurers,

    starting in 6 hours we open a Treasure Hunt Event held on Blue server.

    "You start at /pw NetherHub and travel through literal hell to reach isolated islands that hide priceless treasures. There, you fight in a life or death situation with savages who inhabit the temples built centuries ago on the very islands to get to their loot."

    "Prices are worth over 1,6 mil. and contain multiple rare pieces of gear, multiple 2x Boosts, a voucher for 200k, trails, and a lot of other prized possessions. The Treasure Hunt Box costs 20k, but most winning prices are worth much more"

    For more information contact Felltosleep or Jlaray (IGN and discord)

    Thanks to our sponsors WillVacc639 and Jayden, who donated some of the prices.
    All the building was done by Felltosleep and Jlaray.

    All the redstone was done by me (Fell)

    Promo video: [/MEDIA]