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  • Town Application: Unitown


    New Member
    Town Name - Unitown
    Which Server - Yellow
    Coordinates you want the warp to teleport to - X-5258 Y-70 Z-6914
    Town Mayor - IgnisDivine
    Town Population - About 20 ish
    Town Status - Open

    Unitown used to be in the warps with about 50 players in it, it was shut down when the old mayor switched servers, however it has been passed to a new mayor now, with lots of farms and grinders, and players still in it. The exact number of active players is hard to tell, but 7 have joined as of the last couple of days, and at least 10 old members I have seen active. Under new management, I am rehauling a lot of the city. It seems like the town warps are full, so I don't mind if it takes a while to hear back c:
    Though a lot of people wanted the town back, as they still have their houses in it.