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    Second attempt, the first one derailed quickly.
    Simple forum game, continue the story by posting 3 words. At least 2 people have to post after you, before you can post again. Keep things appropriate and try your best to make the story as good as possible :)
    I will start!

    There once was

    The whole story.
    There once was a very evil slime block named Bob the builder who wanted to eat only tacos. One day Bob found a cave and in that he found a anni sword named "a sad sugarcane". He then went to find a silent villager named Philip, whom would carry on the legacy of his granfather who worled at a coal mine in the Philippines.

    One day the cave collapsed and he was almost dead but continued to sing Mary had a three legged caterpillar, whose legs were sticky and efficient. It climed up a candy tree and found the recycling facility. The facility was fiolled with nothing but green plastic bags which he wrapped around his head. He then went to pick up his lucn to feed to his prisoner. The prisoner said ew, this lunch is terrible. The prisoner spat out the raw macaroni and cheese and washed out his mouth wih clean toilet water. The caterpillar was in the water licking a nearby flagpole which held a bright pink carrot. This was a sybol of eace and unity.

    The nearby rabbit had died suddenly because it was scared of Kureen because he was a rabbit eater. This rabbit eater had three eyes and three legs and three noses and one large paw that was more claw like with a big butish pawpad. Kureen raised his paw, like, really high and saluted to all the people and said "I'm proud to bea rabbit eater. However, I also seek professional help."

    Then one day, after watching the puppy superbowl during his rabbit dinner, then he went off to the magic ice castle where he encountered the Mighty Ashinos. He then said "I have a delicious cake that you can't have" and stuffed it in the giant oven to cook at 11,950 degrees. That's when something REALLY SCARY happened. Out of nowhere Crayonzz appeared and quickly destroyed the Giant Worm Thing and ate the cake that was mine, with his cavernous mouth can eat with.

    Suddenly a troubadour opened the gate and smelled a wild chimpanzee eating a freshly baked candied banana boat. The aromatic smell summoned the almighty monkey god Ashinos and his minion Burble the Purple. Burble was so entranced by the banana boat that she fell unconscious.
    When she awoke, she was covered in a glittery substace, that was the consistency of swedish fermented milk.

    Suddenly, a giant storm cloud emerged that caused lightning, so she ran into a tree and fell unconscious again, but when she woke up feeling very confused but determined to find out where the banana boat was parked at. However, she discovered that Donald Trump, knew how to juggle pine cones and had built a statue of himself, of course, and a huge wall to keep American citizens inside.

    She then boarded a strange craft that looked harmless but was infested with large and with tiny green beans and strange tasting cucumbers. Also, she was surrounded by 2,000,000,000 bees that were blue with a hint of strawberry scent which made them smell funny. Eventually she started to eat the bees and quickly became very fat due to the bees high fat content and very unhealthy from all the bee juice that she rapidly swallowed, she had consumed.

    Then she started to play vulengate and try to grief Kureens home. Then she realized, Kureen is Admin. Quickly, she grabbed a soft pillow...
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