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  • team pvp and take over event


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    Next weekend June 30th(Saturday) time PDT 2 pm, on blue server. Destoryer666 is hosting a team pvp / take over event. the winning team get one key per player on their team, and the person who get the banner gets 3. (Egyptian keys) . There will be two teams, one is blue , one is red. the key of this game is to destroy other team's base. the base is a banner in the other team's headquarter, behind 10 rows of obsidians. who every break the other team's banner wins. there r traps, wires (spider web) and other barrier in the field. keys can be on the server u like it to be on!!!

    Rules: The area is not claimed, so please don’t break the wall or damage landscapes or u will get kicked out (the spider web counts)

    No cheating, no flying, no pots.

    Tp to the team captain when u respawn, don’t do /back

    Provide different tools and armr for different jobs(sniper,soldier, miner, and tanks)

    Must where dyed leather chest plate

    Don’t kill your teammate when they r getting the banner, that is cheating.

    if u have any question, i m on blue for most of the times, Hope to see your guys there.
    This is the game area build by Xwolffi and Destoryer666
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    To avoid the team killing, you can suggest red/blue parties for the event

    Also, is there any way for a balance on the mcmmo skills?