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    Jul 8, 2019
    Hello, it's me xDerpyAlly, I am currently banned from the server because of using x-ray hacks, I have been giving a lot of time to this server because I was actually having fun. I know that this server was different from other survival servers because i never felt like this before. After I saw the ban, it hurt me a lot. I felt so dumb because of using x-ray hacks. I was really enjoying my time in the server that i applied for helper. But some days I become really greedy. I used xray because i really needed ores. And I am terribly sorry. The ban actually has a duration, it will be lifted in 3 days but I felt like i have to say sorry to everyone especially Nominis, he felt like a friend even though he doesn't notice me in chat. If you happened to see this, can you do me a favor and send this to discord. TYSM