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  • Some Wicked Festivities


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    Everyone, one and all this weekend on Sunday afternoon [EST] timezone approximately, no indefinite time is set but I’ll announce it on discord and in Red’s chat 30 minutes prior. I’ll be your host and patron for the following:

    Drop Party and Contests in chat for Keys, Crate items and various other things mixed between!

    More contests/chat quizzes, same rewards more or less. Ending with a build off in a prepared section of land (build guidelines will be announced just beforehand)- participation will be rewarded accordingly.

    Sorry Blue ‍♂️

    Open for drop party/reward donations, those willing to pitch in will have my thanks and credit given before the festivities begin. But in no way necessary

    Lastly, the guest of honor will be CuddlayWuvu. Once everything’s over please wish her a happy birthday if you haven’t done so already!
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