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  • sn0wz's Museum Build Event


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    Hello there Vulengate players,
    One of our longer term players sn0wz is leaving us and therefore he has decided to host a Museum Build Event to determine who obtains his collection on Red.

    The rules are simple:
    - Build a museum on Red to host a set of each of the older collection items for display purposes.
    - Submit the build before the 1st of May, GMT
    - The design is completely in your hands, as is the size and theme

    The Rewards:
    The winner, chosen by sn0wz, will obtain his crate collection which contains 2 of every crate item up to and including the Glacial crate, including old boss swords that can no longer be obtained, old boss spawn eggs, and old crate keys.

    There has been an extension of 1 week, therefore so long as builds are submitted before the 8th of May GMT they are valid!

    Museum builds can be submitted by replying to this thread in the following format:
    In Game Name:
    Coordinates to Build:
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    (it may look like its no where but my town is kinda close, i'll connect both via rail)