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  • Shopping on Orange


    New Member
    Looking to transfer some funds to Orange.

    I have:
    $115k on Red
    $250k on Yellow
    $155k on Blue
    $107k on Purple

    Looking for the following on Orange:
    - Glad sword
    - Glad bow
    - Glad helm
    - Glad chest
    - Glad keys
    - Boss eggs
    - CE books

    Note: I will trade my glad pants or shoes for glad helm or chest, plus some bonus cash from my end.

    Please message in Discord at Mitch_#9109 or in game at Mitch_33.
    Much appreciated.


    Staff member
    The top floor of SuperMart sells CEs, walk out to the balcony and have a browse! They are changed up very frequently. If there’s one your after in particular, message Polkadotts and we will do our best! Although a lot of it comes down to crate luck!

    /pw SuperMart