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    Nov 13, 2018
    Hello vulengaters, today i'd like to talk about one of the shop rules.

    It's this one:

    32. Not properly maintaining your shop plot can lead to it being unrented.

    - Shops must have a minimum of 5 items being sold that are of value to the players at sensible prices.

    - Shops must be restocked frequently

    - Newly rented plots and plots undergoing maintenance must be up and running in 5 days.

    So the second line of 32th rule states that shops must be restocked frequently, which they really aren't, at least on server "blue" I can confirm that since I main there (The__Forester here) and that really buggs me out.

    My question is this, why staff doesnt enforce that rule?
    I see many many players have 0 items avaible at their shop chest for very long periods of times, and beeing respectable shop plot owner i always try to restock but more in my case to emtpy my buying chests.

    I know some stuff is hard to find (restock), and one would need couple of days to restock, but cmon, anything more than a week not restocked is just ridicolous.
    I'd just want to discuss this with everyone who is sometimes anoyed that you search 10 shop plots of something for couple of days just to see that nobody can restock their respectable shops and maybe we can do something about it, eh? *wink wink to the shop owners*