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    hey! the commands i can find ingame is not really complete and i was wondering if theres a full list of commands for the ingame server.

    i know for example theres one to prevent or allow tnt explosions, aswell as several other commands that i havnt written down and is easy to forget.

    anyone got a full list of commands for this server ?


    New Member
    You can use /Help in game and it will pull up a selection in chat.

    > /Help
    > Select the commands tabs

    You can click on the useful commands section and will show you pretty much all the commands you could possibly need. Any commands not listed might be due to lack of use by the general community or they are simply new commands that were not listed in the original creation of the tab.
    The only commands that came to mind when checking to see if any were missing from the help pages was /Marry **


    yes but i dont see the Tnt command that makes it so u can or cant use Tnt on your property and theres like 5 more that Kdk told me that i have forgotten.

    one of them is that divide claim.. but there are more, ive just forgotten and those commands arent listed at all

    ive done both the /help and checked all the listed commands and some are missing that players can use


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    for claims theres a whole stack of available commands, however, I think its all down to the server and if they allow them all.

    /subdivideClaims : To change to sub mode and make smaller claims in a larger one. - - is the one your looking for there i think and does work on this server.

    Theres a Full list of claims commands HERE and then its just a matter of trying out the ones you want and see if they work on the server.

    I know Im a bit late to answer this thread but I only joined a lil while ago n was looking for exactly the same thing you was :)

    Hope it helps.