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    Mar 6, 2018
    April 20, 2019
    - Updated /menu interfaces. (/menu, ranks, active vouchers, warps)
    - Added In Game Shop to /menu
    - Added Slot increaser and Enchants Sorter to In Game Shop
    - Reduced cost of Boss Egg from 75k to 65k on Red/Green/Blue
    - Reduced cost of Gladiator key from 15 vote points to 12

    April 19, 2019
    - Added 2 quests. Mine iron and mine gold.
    - Lowered the amount needed for the quests mine diamond and kill creepers

    April 18, 2019
    - Removed BlockLocker tip when placing chests
    - Added Mayor tag that any current Mayor of a town with a town warp can use
    - Slightly changed the /advertise format
    - Changed color of the Easter Fish
    - Gave /rules and /help a significant face lift
    - Added /links

    April 15, 2019
    - Added Easter Crate
    - Made most weapon custom enchants applicable to axes
    - Clarified description of PvP only enchants
    - Added "Empress" tag that people who have unlocked emperor can use
    - Cleaned up Auction House sold items history (items older than 30 days)
    - Added 4 new biome specific fish to fishing contests
    - Updated Gladiator Crate so that it now contains enchants that exist on the items in the Shadow Crate
    - Changed behaviour of Rations enchant

    April 12, 2019

    - Added BlockLocker
    - Added mob head plugin

    April 9, 2019
    - Updated mcmmo plugin so there is some new behavior with it
    - All parties were reset so you will have to create new ones again
    - Re-enabled tree feller but lowered the size of the maximum tree size
    - Increased Green Thumb % from 66 to 85
    - Set a 32s cap on all active mcmmo abilites (will apply after restart)
    - Disabled Brewing on Yellow for testing purposes. Will re-enable it tomorrow depending on test results.

    April 7, 2019
    - Gave permission to use /brew persist
    - Added boss chat lines when abilities are used

    April 4, 2019
    - Updated a handful plugins. Among those plugins are:
    - Auction House plugin (Sold Items was moved to under Player Listings)
    - Quest plugin (crops should work as intended now)
    - NPC Plugin (The NPC's in spawn are back)
    - Custom Enchant plugin (Potion effects will no longer work in off-hand. Replace your sticks at /warp crates if you haven't already)

    April 3, 2019
    - Disabled Big and Deadly Phantoms. (This also broke all No Phantom Vouchers)
    - Added Haste I to Gladiator Crate.
    - Added Gladiator Key to Wild/Vote Crate
    - Added Assassin tag to Shadow Crate
    - Added Stick replacement barter shops to /warp crates (temporary)
    - Updated Crate Basement

    April 1, 2019
    - Added Gladiator Boss (/boss buy)
    - Added Boss Arena (/menu > warps)
    - Added Gladiator Crate
    - Added Gladiator Key to vote shop (/vgui)
    - Added Love Key to vote shop
    - Added a max price for older keys (60 vote points)
    - Added interchangeable chat tags (/tags) (Will start working tomorrow)

    - Added 2 new rules and updated 1 existing.
    19. Cross server key/quest scroll trading is NOT allowed
    24. Joining a boss fight uninvited is not allowed.
    25. Abusing the boss, for example fighting it in a way so it doesnt target you is not allowed.

    March 29, 2019

    - Removed old enchant plugin - Updated a handful of plugins (chairs, shops & more)
    - Replaced chatcolor plugin (necessary for brewing to work) MVPs must now do /chatcolor yellow to select a yellow chatcolor.
    - Nerfed phantom damage and health by 33%
    - Added Brewery plugin Brewing Plugin: Allows you to brew drinks. Getting drunk has effects such as giving you nausea, making it hard to move and making your messages look awful.


    March 21, 2019
    - Removed some warps (Leaderboard, BossArena, SnowMarket, DesertMarket, EndFish) - Removed Scoreboard plugin (one used at Leaderboard and PvP arena)

    March 19, 2019
    - Updated a bunch of plugins. Functionality shouldn't have changed. If you notice anything weird with these plugin updates then please report to us asap!
    - Jobs
    - mcMMO
    - Auction House
    - Player Vaults
    - Voting
    - Phantoms
    - Enabled PvP in claims (if both users have /pvp on)

    March 13, 2019
    - Removed lottery plugin due to questionable randomness in how winners are selected (for now only ability to buy tickets but the plugin will be removed later)

    March 6, 2019
    Added rule: "23. Lag inducing builds such as hopper grids, massive amounts of chests and huge redstone contraptions can be forcefully removed if needed.
    - Please put droppers on hoppers used for transport and don't build unnecessary things"

    March 1, 2019
    Brewer job changes:
    Nether Wart 6 -> 10
    Redstone 6 -> 15
    Glowstone Dust 8 -> 15
    Spider Eye 9 -> 15
    Fermented Spider Eye 12 -> 20
    Blaze Powder 12 -> 12
    Sugar 7 -> 12
    Glistering Melon Slice 10
    Magma Cream 12 -> 25
    Ghast Tear 22 -> 50
    Golden Carrot 14 -> 20
    Pufferfish 14 -> 25
    Rabbit foot 18 -> 35
    Added Gunpowder 15
    Added Turtle Shell 20
    Added Phantom Membrane 15
    Added Dragon Breath 15

    All Fisherman income/xp buffed by 50%

    Replaced tropical fish quest with 2-4 pufferfish
    Reduced amount of food items for steak and carrot eating quest from 8-15 to 3-5
    Removed Heart of the Sea from Vote Crate
    Removed Dolphin and Tropical Fish Egg from Wild Crate
    Added Villager Egg to Wild Crate

    February 27, 2019
    - Added proper command preview/tab-completion for /ranks /rankup /menu /resource /lobby

    February 26, 2019
    - Gave people access to use /togglechat. This command toggles your ability to see chat messages or not. It will only filter general chat.

    February 25, 2019

    - Added a way to view active vouchers. /menu and click on "Active Vouchers" or /bs activevouchers
    - Updated warp list in /menu
    - Added "border" in /menu

    February 21, 2019
    - Buffed all McMMO Taming XP gains by 2x

    February 19, 2019
    - Added /rtp end for Sentinels and above (brings you to main island)
    - Added enchants to the preview of the old crates.

    February 17, 2019
    Added rule: "22. Selling others players art (artmaps) without permission is not allowed."

    February 14, 2019
    - Added Love Crate
    - Added Marriage Plugin
    - Added Glacial and 2019 Anniversary Key to vote shop

    February 13, 2019
    - Added a resource world, this is a normal world without any mobs used to gather materials. The resource world will reset occasionally (not sure how frequent) so DO NOT build bases in it. To get here you can do either /rtp resource or /resource
    - Significantly reduced the size of trees you can use tree feller on due to a bug in the jobs plugin which gave you 100% of the pay for logs while using tree feller (will revert once bug is fixed)

    February 12, 2019
    - Added command /playtime [user] (/pt) to check playtime yourself/others
    - Added new RTP plugin which is hopefully a bit more random

    February 11, 2019
    - Added information boxes to chat. (Hover over a person's name in chat to see some information about them)
    - Slight change to /msg. You will now see a players name rather than their nick when sending/receiving messages.
    - Removed KitGUI (Used to give large errors since it's not updated to 1.13, sorry)
    - Added new legendary fish which is only set to exist during the 2019 Anniversary Period

    February 8, 2019
    - Change the Quest Scroll item from paper to firework star
    - Prevented firework star from being sold on AH

    January 26, 2019
    - Re-added Daily Key

    January 25, 2019
    - Added Daily Quest Scrolls
    - Removed Daily Key

    January 20, 2019
    - Added candy key to vote shop and reduced the cost of the other keys in there as well

    January 19, 2019
    - Added Lottery
    - You can buy up to 5 tickets per player for 1000 each. 900 per ticket will be added to the pot. A winner will be chosen every 8th hour (7am 3pm 11pm (GMT)). Your chance of winning the lottery is your amount of tickets divided by the total amount of tickets.
    - Useful commands are
    - /lottery gui
    - /lottery status
    - /lottery buy <amount>
    - /lottery help
    - Added Stray Spawner to the Glacial Crate
    - Nerfed Nether Brick blocks from 1 money 1 xp to 0.6 money 0.6 xp

    January 16, 2019
    - Mob limiter changes
    - Enabled it for tamed animals (dogs, parrots, cats, horses(?))
    - Changed the rule for all mobs from 35/5 to 25/5 (amount/distance)
    - Changed the rule for passive mobs (cows, sheep, pigs, chickens) from 25/5 to 15/5
    - Added turtles/cod/salmon to the passive mobs rule

    January 15, 2019
    - Added holograms to the different areas in spawn and changed a few blocks
    - Removed the pets plugin
    - Might have fixed the "Kicked for spam" bug
    - Mob rates should be back to an acceptable rate again

    January 14, 2019
    - Re-added fishing competitions
    - Spawners should no longer repel water
    - Spawners can now only be placed inside trusted claims
    - Removed name/hologram above when placing new spawners. When you break a spawner with a name above it, it should disappear. If not please contact me

    January 4, 2019
    - Removed /warp quests and /warp endfish
    - Added rule: "29. If you lose your plot your valuable items in shop chests will be temporarily stored by a staff member. You will also receive a mail in game on how to reclaim your items.”

    December 30, 2018
    - Increased height of all market plots by 2 blocks
    - Nerfed all terracotta for digger job from 0.6 xp & money to 0.5

    December 29, 2018

    - Enabled allowing people to change their display style for shops

    December 26, 2018

    Set a 3 seconds cap to McMMO Tree feller
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    Mar 6, 2018
    December 22, 2018
    - Removed money gained from tree feller completely (Sorry but the method is causing a lot of lag)
    - Added Red Sand to Digger job 0.4 Money 0.5 XP
    - Nerfed all leaves from 0.5 Money & XP to 0.25 Money & XP due to bug making them pay twice

    December 18, 2018

    - Increased RTP range from 4500-7000 to 6000-10500

    December 17, 2018

    - Enabled Shops in the normal world.
    - Adjusted prices for expired keys in the vote shop
    - Added 24h Fly and 1000 claim blocks to the vote shop

    December 16, 2018
    Giving the donor ranks pets as a test to see how well they work. These pets can be removed at any moment.
    - Gave Donor (& above) Zombie pet
    - Gave VIP (& above) Cow pet
    - Gave MVP (& above) Sheep pet + colored pet nick
    The command to use pets is /pets

    December 15, 2018
    - Nerfed money received from tree feller ability from 10% of normal value to 1.5%

    December 14, 2018

    - Added some market specific rules.
    - Changed location of /warp market to warp to the "Market Hub" (former quest area/auction house npc)

    December 13, 2018

    - Added temporary Candy Crate in basement for "faulty" candy keys
    - Added Candy Key Shower to the store
    - Removed pets from candy crate and vote shop due to a bug making them invisible
    - Added Candy Crate
    - Added Vote Shop. /vote shop or /vgui -> Vote Shop

    December 10, 2018

    - Added Slime/magma cube to hunter (10 money, 10 xp) Seems bugged
    - Added soul sand to digger (0.6 money, 0.6 xp)

    December 7, 2018

    - Added pets (more on this later)

    December 6, 2018

    - Blocked off safe zones in PvP Arena

    November 26, 2018

    Some Job Changes.
    - Nerfed stone 0.3 to 0.2
    - Nerfed andesite granite diorite 1 to 0.4
    - Nerfed mossy cobble 2.5 to 1.8
    - Buffed wheat and beetroot 1.1 to 1.4
    - Buffed carrot and potatoes 1.0 to 1.3
    - Added bat 10
    - Added husk 15
    - Buffed logs from 1.0-1.5 to 1.5-1.7
    - Added stripped logs +0.1 compared to regular logs

    Changed kit cooldown for daily kits from 24h to 22h

    November 24, 2018

    - Added small parkour course to hub

    November 23, 2018

    - Expanded world border from ±9000 to ±12000

    November 17, 2018

    - Added enderchest to spawn (by the enchanting table)

    November 14, 2018

    - Disabled Fishing Competitions since they are bugged

    November 13, 2018
    - Updated AH plugin (now sorts newest -> oldest by default)
    - Updated /trade (now works)
    - Updated Fishing Competitions so they should work :)

    November 12, 2018
    - Removed boss eggs from menu

    November 11, 2018
    - Added Underwater & Mean Morph Pack to the Store

    November 10, 2018
    - Added Colored Terracotta to Digger Job
    - Changed Daily Key/Auction House NPC's back to mobs to hopefully resolve bug where they don't spawn on server restarts

    November 8, 2018
    - Added option to buy /nick in the Store
    - Added option to buy color codes in the Store
    - Added Exotic, Underwater, Nether & Farm Morph Pack to the Store
    - Added Cornucopia Shower Boost to the Store

    November 7, 2018
    - Added new crate! Cornucopia crate!
    - Added Auction House back! /ah
    - Enabled Anvils for items with Custom Enchants.
    - This means you are able to combine/add enchants/rename items.
    - The limit on custom enchants on a item is 5 and you can not combine 2 custom enchants to get a higher level on that enchant. (For example you can not combine 2 x Slowness 1 swords to get Slowness 2)

    - Updated Voting. Every 15th vote will now give you a seasonal crate key!
    - Replaced Big Joe with Auction House NPC

    If there are any bugs with this update please report to an Admin as soon as possible
    - One bug is that you cant cancel auctions sometimes
    - Another is that recently sold items don't list recently sold items
    - AH vouchers dont work anymore

    November 4, 2018
    - Added hobo to /ranks for display purposes
    - Buffed Sugar Cane for farmer, 0.2 money, 0,2 xp -> 0,4 money, 0,4 xp

    November 3, 2018
    - Reset End on Green due to the old one being corrupted and causing lag
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    Mar 6, 2018
    October 31, 2018
    - Some Job Changes
    - Reduced penalty for being in multiple jobs from 5% to 2% per job
    - Fixed some sheep colors not giving money when sheared
    - Added all the saplings and nerfed, 2 money, 2 xp -> 1.5 money, 1.5 xp
    - Wither buffed, 50 money, 120 xp -> 500 money, 500 xp
    - Added Wither Skeleton for hunter, 50 money, 50 xp
    - Added Phantom for hunter, 5 money, 5 xp
    - Added Cocoa Beans for farmer, 1 money, 1 xp
    - Added End Stone for miner, 0.5 money, 0.5 xp
    - Changed terracotta black to regular terracotta for digger job

    October 30, 2018
    - Updated jobs plugin. If there still are things that don't pay you that should please contact me. And I'm also gonna try to better balance the jobs so if you have ideas on what to buff/nerf or if you have ideas for blocks/items to add to existing jobs please suggest that to me.
    - Changes in Jobs
    -Added Melon Block for farmer, 0.5 money, 1 xp
    -Wheat nerfed 1.5 money, 3 xp -> 1.1 money, 1.1 xp
    -Beetroot nerfed 1.5 money, 3 xp -> 1.1 money, 1.1 xp
    -Ender Dragon nerfed 2000 money, 2000 xp -> 1600 money, 1600 xp
    -Added place penalty for Emerald Ore -15 money, -15 xp
    -Terracotta balanced 0.5 money, 1 xp -> 0,6 money, 0,6 xp

    October 29, 2018
    - Added bossbar timer for the boosters (Please note that the timer is not 100% accurate and it might end before the timer shows it has ended)
    - Can no longer stack the duration of boosters
    - Can no longer have 2 boosters active at the same time
    - Readded chairs plugin, you can now sit on stairs, slabs and carpets by right clicking them

    October 27, 2018
    - Updated the wild & vote crate with some 1.13 items

    October 25, 2018
    - Fixed chat alignment "bug"
    - Made changes to in game ranks. The perks were slightly tuned and now gives more moves and PV's overall as well as some of the old MVP perks. Colors were also changed slightly. A new rank that costs $1000000 was also added. Check them out in game by typing /ranks (let me know if you find anything that doesn't match the /ranks description or other bugs)

    October 23, 2018
    - Added Jobs Income Boost Voucher to Store
    - Added Jobs EXP Boost Voucher to Store

    September 17, 2018
    - Removed Hawaiian boss from the /menu shop
    - Added Galactic boss to the /menu shop
    - Made it so you shouldn't be kicked when fighting the Galactic boss
    - Added /warp endfish (credits to Fiddlesticc)
    - Added fish that can only be caught at /warp endfish

    September 12, 2018
    - Reduced chat spam from premium crate
    - Reduced distance from 10 to 5 on Farm Limiter for all entities
    - Added link to artmap album to /warp art

    September 11, 2018
    - Added area with expired crates under /warp crates
    - Added Galactic Crate
    - Added Ocelot/Parrot egg to wild crate
    - Replaced VIP/MVP kit in Wild crate with 2/3 wild keys

    September 1, 2018
    - Added witch to the Hunter Job

    August 11, 2018
    - Created new Donor, VIP and MVP rank
    - Gave people permission to:
    /d baby (if applicable)
    /d color <red/black/siamese> (for ocelot morph)
    /d tamed/angry (for wolf)
    /d color <black, blue, brown, cyan, gray, green, light-blue, lime, magenta, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white, yellow> (for tamed wolf’s collar)
    /d saddled (for pig morph)
    /d color <black, blue, brown, cyan, gray, green, light-blue, lime, magenta, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white, yellow> (for sheep color)
    - Removed friends plugin

    August 4, 2018
    - Added a new Wild/Vote crate. Old Wild/Vote crates will still exist for a limited time behind the current crates at /warp crates
    - Added /warp fishing. A custom built island where you can fish together with friends during competitions.
    - Added 6 new legendary custom fish that will be possible to catch during fishing competitions. To catch these fish you must meet special requirements.
    - Balanced fish lengths to make pygmy whale less op.
    - Added fish shop, /mf shop , where you can sell your caught competition fish for a small profit.
    - Removed Builder, PvP and Enderman quest
    - Made it possible for more mobs to drop their heads if you have beheading enchant

    July 29, 2018
    - Enabled so that people in the same party can PvP
    - Made fishing plugin give custom fish only during competitions
    - Added new fishing plugin
    - Added Summer Sale

    July 28, 2018
    - Removed Cocoa Pods from paid action list in the jobs menu

    July 27, 2018
    - /artmap has been temporarily disabled due to some issues with the plugin. I put together an album with the recipes and dyes that were found in there that you can use for now.

    July 22, 2018
    - Donor ranks can no longer use kits from the ranks below them
    - Added Rank Upgrades to server store
    - Donor ranks now global again
    - Fixed typo in plasma enchant tool-tip (won't be fixed on existing tools)
    - Buffed Beheading enchantment, I = 4%, II = 8%, III = 10%

    July 21, 2018
    - Kugel added something so you can now join with 1.13 clients (I don't recommend it due to some visual issues I experienced while trying it)
    - Removed Pharaoh Boss from all Stores
    - Added Cursed Kahuna Boss

    July 19, 2018
    - Added anvil refill button to spawn
    - Gave everyone access to /tpacancel (cancels outgoing tpa request)

    July 14, 2018
    - Added Hawaiian Crate
    - Removed Egyptian Crate
    - Changed Portal Positioning in the Hub

    June 29, 2018
    - Increased RTP Range from 9000 to 11000
    - Updated 8 Plugins
    - Nerfed MCMMO Mining EXP from End Stone 150 to 75

    June 26, 2018
    - Changed Plot Refund from 100$ to 25000$ (will take effect with next server restart)
    - Changed Help Message in Plot Help Page

    June 21, 2018
    Some Change Log Stuff for the last few weeks
    - Adjusted Max Bonus Level for Farmer Jobs
    - Nerfed Replant Change to 66% for Farmer Jobs
    - Nerfed Hunger enchantment rate from 4.0 to 1.0
    - Pharaoh Boss added
    - Egyptian Crate Added
    - Added RTP Hologram
    - Increased max friends allowed
    - Added Claims Kit
    - Nerfed Miner Job income from certain blocks
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    Mar 6, 2018
    Updated Changelog