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  • Selling items on Purple for $ or equivalent on Blue


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    I am looking to sell some items I have acquired on Purple server for the same items or the proper price on Blue server. The following is what I know I will sell but there could be more in the future:

    Netherite Guitar Pick - Eff VI, Fortune V, UnB VI, Haste I, Reforge III - $200,000

    Netherite Voters Axe - Eff V, Fire Aspect II, Looting III, Sharp IV, UnB IV, Decap !, Reforge III - $10,000

    Netherite Wild Longsword - Arthropod V, Looting III, Sharp V, Smite V, Sweeping Edge III, UnB V, Confusion III, Reforge III, Slow II, Crit III - $15,000

    Wild Rod - Luck of Sea III, Lure III, UnB III, Mending, Reforge III - $5,000

    Netherite Pants - Blast Prot IV, UnB III, Mending - $5,000

    Netherite Voters Jumping Shoes - Feather Fall IV, Mending, Prot IV, UnB III, Hardened III, Springs II - $10,000

    Netherite Musical Hat - Aqua Aff, Blast Prot IV, Fire Prot IV, Proj Prot IV, Prot V, UnB V, Mending, Hardened III, Aquatic I, Withering II, Glowing I - $40,000

    Strider Morph - $150,000

    All prices are negotiable, any reasonable offer will be taken into consideration.

    *DISCLAIMER* Payment must be made on blue before I will give items on purple, this might sound troll-y but I will not get burnt by these deals...been there too many times before.

    Please message me if you want to discuss a trade or sale.