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  • Renaissance Scavenger Hunt


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    To celebrate the Renaissance Crate, Vulengate is hosting a scavenger hunt! We have hidden 65 blocks and breaking them will provide a prize. You get what you find, there are no points or leaderboards. This is an individual event, not a team based one. There will be two rounds of this event. Both will take place on the Event Server. The IP is events.vulengate.com
    Sunday, 27th March 6PM UTC.
    Monday, 28th March 2AM UTC.
    This is first come first serve, whitelist will open 5 minutes before the times listed. Only the first 60 people will be allowed in.

    • All regular Vulengate rules apply
    • If you win in the first event, you may NOT participate in the second. If you did not win any prize in the first event, you MAY participate in the second
    • You cannot get more than 7 rewards. Please notify staff and leave if you get 7

    Prizes will be disguised as 4 types of blocks: there are 32 Black Helmets, 8 Bronze Helmets, 20 Diamond Helmets and 5 White Helmets in total. A prize will be given if you break an item! It does not drop, the item will appear in your inventory. If you find 7 items, let staff know but you can leave anytime. You will not be rewarded for finding more, please give others a chance. Prize for each block you break:​
    Black Helmet1x [Renaissance] Key
    Bronze Helmet1x [Rainbow] Key
    Diamond Helment1x [Events] Key
    White Helmet1x 3 Days Fly Voucher
    There will be one random winner (out of those who got nothing) per round to get 2x [Renaissance] Keys and 1x [Events] Key.

    Any additional information will be pinned in the #events channel on discord if needed!
    If you have any questions, please ask in #events and not in #questions.

    • The event features plugins custom made by Smudgg
    • Map will be credited on discord after the event