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    On the 20th of July 12pm Est. In other words this Saturday at 12 in the afternoon. Camp Clawtooth with be hosting their first PvP Event. This event will be in the Camp Clawtooth PvP arena on blue server and will be ran by your Camp Clawtooth Staff and a few members of the Vulengate Staff. This event is server wide meaning that anyone can come. Whether you're from red, blue, green or yellow.

    This event will also be giving rewards. In the form of money. First place prize will be $100,000, Second place prize, will be $50,000 and third place prize is $25,000. There will also be five random winners each getting $10,000. This prize can be transferred to you on the server of your choice.

    Signups will start now and end at 11:59am Est Friday. and you will do that through the link attached below. We ask that everyone who would like to participate follows the rules listed below.

    1. Please show up 15 minutes before the event starts. With your inventory and armor slots empty.

    2. No secret teams. You will be divided into teams by a member of staff.

    3. Arguing with and or complaining about team placement is against the rules.

    4. Commands are not allowed. Any use of commands will be automatic disqualification. (Keep in mind this may be looked into if needed).

    5. Everybody has to have fun!!!

    With any questions feel free to contact SiddaDoll, the Mayor of Camp Clawtooth on discord. @SiddaDoll#0533

    Below is the signup link-