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    We have been using our other website for quite a while now and it is time to say goodbye to it. This is going to be Vulengates new official website where people can come catch up on the latest news and interact with each other. Please make sure you sign up and introduce yourself in the introductions forum to everyone again! This website has way more features and we are very excited to put them to use.

    The website is still being worked on, so don't expect everything to be here already. For real, register and make yourself a new account and start posting.
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    Wait so question... wouldn't enjin be better viable for a minecraft server? considering profiles,characters and other remedial and purposeful task?


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    As Ash said, Xenforo is a lot more extensive and looks more professional. Enjin has some great features too but, in my opinion, xenforo is just more clean. I actually really like this change. A lot of Minecraft servers are starting to use Xenforo these days and I can see why.


    You can do a lot with Xenforo. Big fan of it. It is highly customization and allows for a lot more freedom. As Gigi stated, it is definitely cleaner. I think this new site looks really good so far. ^_^


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    Hey i came to mr i'm sorry if i interrupted or someone someone my friends broke me a player yesterday and stole with my stars yesterday and before days and three days with will apply to arrange for me to take down the ban please