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  • New Server, New Plugins

    Which do you think should be added?

    • SlimeFun

    • Brewery

    • Both

    • Neither

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    New Member
    I think that with the reset and the debuffs in the crates we could use some new plugins. Brewery is one I think would be fun to have on here. You can make different alcoholic drinks and get drunk with your neighbors. Another plugin that I don't know will either help or not would be SlimeFun. This plugin adds in a whoe new thing to a vanilla survival server, Mods! SlimeFun is basicly adding Mods to normal survival server without having to download any. As artmap is still not being picked up on for ay updates for 1.13 I think either one of these would be fun to add to the server.


    ok this brewery plugin seems like fun but slime fun i totally hate it chnages the game completely and ruins economy i played on a server once until they added sf it just ruined the game.