New Amsterdam (small town)

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  1. SpottedChickenSr

    Mar 10, 2018
    Hi Vulengaters ...

    I noticed some time ago that there are a couple of Dutchies playing at Vulengate (blue):
    • lbuitendam
    • henkjan44
    • Davanticus
    • RODEwouw
    • ... and me.
    So, I decided to build an "all Dutch" settlement ... based upon the historic "New Amsterdam". It is not a "replica" of the old settlement, but an improvised version of it. By the way, nowadays New York (USA) is where New Amsterdam use to be back in the days. The Dutch exchanged "New Amsterdam" (settlement) for Suriname (country) with the British and they renamed it "New York".

    New Amsterdam is located west of the oldest town on the Blue server Aomori. You can visit Aomori via /warp towns and from there take a cart (from the back of the Aomori town hall) to New Amsterdam.

    At present time I have build the defensive wall (Wall Street NYC is named after it), a small shipyard, a few traditional houses, a market place and animal pens and a small veggie farm. lbuitendam is working on the harbor part of town.

    I have setup various subclaims for citizens of "New Amsterdam". So, if there are more Dutchies on one of the Vulengate servers that might like to join New Amsterdam and build a house (year 1400-1500 style), then you are more then welcome.

    If you generally play on another server then blue, and thus do not have much (if any) resources to build, then give me a shout, I might be able to help you with some stuff you can build with. Because New Amsterdam is located near Aomori the citizens of New Amsterdam will be given access to Aomori's farms and facilities.

    So, if you are interested, let me know, here on the forum or via ingame /mail