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  • Maze Run

    Maze Run

    This event be open to everyone. It will be held on Green Server but prizes can be delivered to Red or Blue server if you join us for this event.

    The Maze consists of 7 stories and has wandering monsters, traps, tricks, and one way doors. Nothing in the maze is designed to be deadly (unless you decide to stand in lava or go afk will spiders are biting you) but you will most likely need to eat/heal along the way.

    No flying, gliding, leaping potions, Ender pearls, or disguises/morphs allowed in the maze area. You may not TP to others in the maze. If you are caught you will be jailed for the remainder of the event.

    You can and should wear armor and weapons to fend off the wandering monsters. You may also use food and the following potions: Health, Regeneration, Strength, Night Vision, Fire Resistance, and Swiftness.

    Date to be announced...(very near future, probably June 9th)

    Prizes awarded to first players to emerge from maze. Number of winners will be determined by the number of participants.


    First make your way through a short maze with small fires scattered about. (wear flame resistant clothing) Next you must make your way across an ice bridge (easy if those skeletons weren't shooting at you). Then a short run past some tricky pistons. If they knock you off the ledge you must climb back up and try again. back on to the ice bridge and back into the firey maze where you find the way down to the second level...

    The way must first be opened so find the right pressure plate. Choose the wrong one and you may close the way forward again. Don't stay here long or a Blaze will find you before you can advance to the next level with paths made of glass.

    Further down you go into a leafy maze with nasty spiders lurking about. If you can make your way though to the stone below, you may find some unfriendly zombies roaming the halls.

    You are almost out and ready to scream, but wait the fun is just starting to get good..... Make your way through the pits and secret doors to get to the final challenge.

    Make sure to bring friends so you have something to occupy the monsters as you slip by.


    You may die in the maze. If you do, simply do /back to resume. Traps are not meant to kill but mostly to delay (you fall in a pit and have to climb out and start that challenge over). I made the maze and after several times running it I still get lost. If you get really lost you may need to pencil out a trail on paper to help you move forward. Dropping items in the maze will not work as others will pick them up and dropping items on pressure plates will definitely mess you up.

    The more people running the maze the easier the wandering monster encounters are because you are not the only target.


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    Lol, I'm getting hyped up about it already xD can't wait to claim that prize >:) - Speaking of which, what is it?

    Best Of Luck,

    Yes, hadnt thought of that, no ender pearls. All participants will start at same time and the first ones to finish the maze will be the winners. The number of winners will be based on how many participants there are so if only 5 people show up then first two out win. If we have 20 people show up then I would give prizes to the first 5.
    And the winners are:

    1st place 7 Floral keys Ytji56
    2nd place 5 Floral keys mamaderdahackt
    3rd place 4 Floral keys robotothefuture
    4th place 3 Floral keys Amma (blue server)
    5th place 3 Floral keys Kylar_the_wizard
    Wheeldecide.com has spoken. 10 random winners chosen from among those that ran the maze are....(message me in game)

    Sorry if i misspelled anyone's name

    Red server:

    Blue Server:

    Green server:

    Thanks to everyone that participated. We had 33 people in that Maze!!

    I will open it back up in the future for small groups of friends to run.

    For those that made a video of their run, i would love to see it.