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  • Maze Run 2.0

    Some of you may have participated in the Maze Run I held a little over 6 months ago. Well the maze has been upgraded and expanded and another Maze run is scheduled for Sunday, January 27th.

    Maze Run

    This event be open to everyone. Special crate keys will be awarded to those that make it through the maze the quickest. Everyone that participates will be eligible for a chance to win a key also. It will be held on Green Server but prizes can be delivered to Red or Blue server if you join us for this event.

    The Maze consists of 9 distinct levels/areas (last race had 7 levels) and has wandering monsters, traps, tricks, and one way doors. Nothing in the maze is designed to be deadly (unless you decide to stand in lava or go afk while spiders are biting you) but you will most likely need to eat/heal along the way.

    Maze rules:

    NO flying, gliding, leaping potions, Ender pearls, or disguises/morphs allowed in the maze area. You may NOT TP to others in the maze. If you are caught you will be jailed for the remainder of the event. Staff will be on hand to assist in monitoring participants.

    Do NOT drop items on or shoot arrows at pressure plates in maze to hold them open

    Do not bring pets to the area. Do not throw eggs in the area. Do not shoot flaming arrows in the starting area.

    You will not be able to PVP other players, but you are allowed to bump them off the path/ice bridge to slow their progress.

    You can and should wear armor and weapons to fend off the wandering monsters. You may also use food and the following potions: Health, Regeneration, Strength, Night Vision, Fire Resistance, and Swiftness.

    Prizes awarded to first players to emerge from maze. Number of winners will be determined by the number of participants.


    Maze of Insanity
    Each level/area is a distinct theme. The first area is snow and ice with wandering snowmen who rudely refuse to give any hints on how to escape. Secondly, make your way through a short section with small fires scattered about. (wear flame resistant clothing) Next you must make your way across an ice bridge (easy if those skeletons weren't shooting at you and other players were not pushing you off the edge). Then a short run past some tricky pistons. If they knock you off the ledge you must climb back up and try again. back on to the ice bridge and back into the firey maze where you find the way down to the next level...

    The way must first be opened so find the right pressure plate. Choose the wrong one and you may close the way forward again. Don't stay here long or a Blaze will find you before you can advance to the next level with paths made of glass.

    Further down you go into a leafy maze with nasty spiders lurking about. If you can make your way though to the stone below, you may find some unfriendly zombies roaming the halls.

    You are almost out and ready to scream, but wait the fun is just starting to get good..... Make your way through the pits and secret doors to escape to the final area made of damp mossy cobblestone, fresh water springs and paths that wind over and under each other.


    You may die in the maze. If you do, simply do /back to resume. Traps are not meant to kill but mostly to delay (you fall in a pit and have to climb out and start that challenge over). I made the maze and after several times running it I still get lost. Dropping items in the maze will not work as others will pick them up and dropping items on pressure plates will definitely mess you up.

    The more people running the maze the easier the wandering monster encounters are because you are not the only target.
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    OK, Hope to get the event kicked off at 4:00pm EST. I will make several announcements on all three servers leading up to it.
    Maze is located in a private area that can not be accessed until just before the event. Don't want anyone getting an advantage over others.
    Since the question was raised, I will have some very basic armor and sword sets (iron) that i will make available to hobos and players that come from Red or Blue that do not have better on Green. It will give you enough protection if you are smart. I ran the whole maze with no armor just to test it and did not die, but the wandering mobs can be tough if you are the first to encounter them or straggling far behind. Last time there were around 30 people in maze so there was plenty of targets to spread out their focus.


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    The scorch trials take place immediately after the previous installment. Transported to a remote fortified outpost, Thomas and his fellow teenage Gladers find them solves in trouble after uncovering a diabolical plot from the mysterious and powerful organization WCKD.