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    This forums purpose is for players to discuss anything revolving around trading, buying and selling things on the server. Feel free to advertise your shop or post a buyers request for a rare item on the server.


    This is continued list of market rules from the main server rule page. A list of market staff can be found at /warp market. The gist is to have a certain number of chests restocked once a week.

    36. You are not allowed to sell shop plots to other players.

    37. You can not have any redstone contraptions on your shop plot that could cause lag.

    38. Not maintaining your shop plot as per the rules can lead to it being unrented. If you receive three warnings about your plot within 6 months, it will be removed on the fourth.

    39. You can rent a shop plot for up to a maximum of 12 days at a time, though you may extend the rent at any time. Plots left unrented for over 3 days will be taken down. Rent does not guarantee your plot a spot if it fails requirements.
    (This rule is to make sure people that own plots are actively playing on the server, so people benefit from an active marketplace!)

    40. If you lose your plot, your valuable items will be temporarily stored by a staff member. You will receive a mail in-game on how to reclaim your items.

    41. You may not have other players rent a market plot for you if you already have one, essentially giving yourself two plots to use. If you are found doing this, one of the plots will be removed without warning and your items will be stored.

    42. Any NSFW or suggestive art / content may not be bought, sold or displayed in the markets.

    43. Not maintaining your shop plot as per the rules can lead to a plot warning or removal.
    - Market plot warnings expire after 6 months. If you get 4 warnings within a 6 month period, the 4th warning will instead be immediate removal without notice.
    - Market plot warnings are NOT the same as punishments for breaking general rules. They only count within the markets of a single realm, but track across plots (changing plots will not reset your warnings).

    a) Market plots must be primarily used for actual shops. Setting them up just for uses such as slot machines / casinos or advertisements are not permitted. You are allowed to sell things such as Loot Boxes / Mystery Boxes, but they will not count towards the required minimum items.

    44. Newly rented plots and plots undergoing maintenance must be up and running within 5 days since you rented or started renovating. If your shop is not set up within this time, it will be unrented and removed.
    - This is to make sure that the plots are being utilized. Attempts at taking advantage of the rule may lead to punishment.
    - The build limit exists for a reason. Anything bypassing it (trees, vines, etc) is potentially subject to removal.

    45. Shops must be selling a minimum number of unique items (by the owner of that plot) that are in stock during check ups, which occur 3 times a month. Specific dates of check ups are not disclosed. If your plot is found to have under the required minimum number of items, you will get a plot warning and 3 days to restock.

    a) The required minimum value varies by the plot size. The small plots (5x5) require 3 chests, sell OR buy. Medium plots (13x9) require 8 SELL chests. Large plots (15x13) require 14 SELL chests.
    i) Selling the same item multiple times does not count towards the overall number of shops. Ex. Having 5 sell shops for cobblestone will count as 1 shop. Multiple parts of a single artwork count as 1 shop.
    ii) Items sold must be of use to players or they will not count towards the required minimum items. Ex. Donation shops, Mystery Boxes, Player Heads, HDB items, etc will not count. You will be given a heads up if an item is not counted.
    iii) Due to price and demand fluctuations, seasonal crate items do not count towards the required minimum items. They are not actively stocked (as supply is very rare) or sold, and are more suitable for /ah. Exceptions apply to recurring vouchers as well as all items in the Event, Vote, Wild, and Gladiator crates - these WILL count. If you're unsure about an item, mail market staff.
    iv) Unreasonably priced items do not count towards the item minimum. Ex. 64 dirt for $500. Overpricing indicates the items are simply placeholders to meet required minimum items without restocking, which is not proper maintenance. Prices will be determined through comparing prices and sale frequencies but ONLY when suspected to be unreasonable. They are not regularly policed.

    b) Art and custom books (written by players, NOT enchantments) are treated differently. Written books will not be counted towards the minimum items; they are generally one time use, niche, and harder to moderate. Artmaps will be counted in sweeps like normal items. They take no time to view or moderate, can have universal themes for anyone to enjoy, and one person can use multiple copies.

    46. Shops must be restocked frequently. If an item has not been restocked in around a month, it will be considered an inactive chest and excluded from the required minimum items. We will consider initial stock, however. In the case of sell chests, this means replenishing stock even if it is not completely sold out. For buy chests, any interaction like withdrawing items is sufficient. If a staff member finds you with insufficient active chests during a check up, you will be given 3 days to restock / add new items or your plot will be removed. We do not want users logging in only to extend rent. Please try to restock at least once a week.
    - We know that people often need a break. As a result, any plot that has passed the market rules for at least 2 months, without receiving any warnings, is eligible to be exempt from the next check up. You can use an exemption for 2 check ups a year - consecutively if necessary, for a break of up to a month in total. To use one, alert a member of the market team ahead of time as the exemption will not automatically apply. The 2 months reset whenever you get a warning, and usage resets every January 1st. If you mail us beforehand regarding rl difficulties, we will always consider it.

    47. Buying someone out of stock in order to report their market plot is not permitted. This is punishable as targeting under Rule 6, independent of market rules.

    48. Purchasing items from another market plot to sell it in your own market plot is not permitted. If you are caught doing so you will get a plot warning. This merely recycles supply instead of increasing total market activity.

    Final notes: if you feel you are unable to be active and meet stock requirements, consider getting a small plot or unrenting your plot for someone who can. Additionally, if you want to sell items that aren’t counted (written books, overpriced items, seasonal crate items, mystery boxes, etc), you will not be stopped. You just need countable items beyond them to keep your plot. But they can still be sold.
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