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  • Magehelm town Application


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    Town Name - Magehelm
    Which Server - Blue
    Coordinates you want the warp to teleport to - 8673.667/73.00000/-4739.568
    Town Mayor - Marie_Sukloff
    Town Population - 7
    Town Status - (ex. Open, Closed, Application required) Application is required. Just message Marie_Sukloff please

    Brief Overview: Cheapmart is a rustic based town that has a market area with items selling relatively cheap for new players who need that extra boost when first starting and wanting a place too call home with various plots for houses too choose from.
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    Add a few signs around the town to let people know where the main builds/areas are. Also you're best adding an "Eviction Policy" on a sign that states if a town member is inactive their house will be removed as well as their chests. Other than those small things you're good to go so let us know once you've made those few changes and we'll get the town added.



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    Thank you so much for the reply, everything is now finished. The town name has been changed to Magehelm now after a vote.

    Thanks again!