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    Aug 29, 2018
    Hello my turtledoves!
    My name is Silven but if you main blue you may know me as The Raven.

    If you didn't know, i'm one of Vulengates new helpers and even if i'm only making this introduction now, i've been active on the server for more then a year now :)

    I main blue but am only really seen when things are more quiet. Often everyone is asleep and this Australian is just off flailing around like the dumb bird she is.

    If you already hadn't caught on, I have a major love for birds. I'm probably honestly the only person who got upset at parrot eggs being removed from the wild chest...I own two birds irl; Sammy and Edgar. Sammy is a moustached parrot (red breasted parakeet) and Edgar is a yellow sided conure! They're both brats but I still love them I guess (joking, I would die for these birds).

    In hand with my love of birds, one of my second major interests is aviation. In particular, war planes. I'm working towards my flying licence and my aim is to work as Aircraft technician or Armament engineer for the Airforce. (Though my true dream is as a airforce pilot, guess who wasn't gifted with 20/20 vision,,,)

    That aside, i'm also an artist! I do visual arts and write if i'm feeling ✧・゚: *✧・゚ funky ✧*:・゚✧.

    Hope that was enough to vaguely get to know me
    Have a wonderful day!!
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