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  • LinTheWeeb's Introduction! o7


    New Member

    Lin here!
    I'm new on dis server... uh... in fact I only just joined yesterday (and already caused one Global Key Shower and got myself VIP status).

    whaleeee whaaalin~

    Soo... little about me:
    I have been playin MC for the 1st time in reeeaaally early builds like 10 years ago, but back then it was meeh. Too little to do for RPG-lover.
    I recently got back to MC and only played one low-populated server for a while, but I left it due to lack of interactions between players.

    Hmm... I should mention that games I'm mostly associated with by others (online friends and @workplace) are Monster Hunter Series and Dark Souls.

    My music taste?
    I'm really open to any music type, but I prefer faster beats.
    However... Games/ Movies OST... that kind have special place in my heart.
    Little tease of what I listen to:

    The SIDH - Iridium

    Going a bit more personal:
    I can say with confidence that rn I'm a proper No-Life.
    Polish-Vietnamese, Millennial, No-Life living in England. o/
    Also... former Game Design & Development Student.

    Boredom at work made me casual 9Gag and Reddit lurker, so I know my memes.

    Watching anime: Yes
    Watching serials: Yes
    Hyped by The Mandalorian: YES

    Nice to meet ya all!

    P.S. I made that mistake of changing random pieces of this post on the go, so some of it might not make any sense.
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