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  • Is adding a mod possible?


    New Member
    How cool would it be if there was a vehicle mod on the server so you can drive around the place in your cars or even helicopters and planes and the server works together to make landing pads, roads, and runways for the vehicles. I think it would be a really fun idea if it is possible


    Wouldn't agree on this as it's way too much out of the game's gameplay/features. Not to mention it being a lot of work to do. People would be just getting cars and drive around leaving everything else related to the game itself, like building or PvP etc..


    Staff member
    everyone would also have to have the mod installed, which is not possible for some people. everyone should be able to play the server without any issues


    New Member
    like the idea, as cool as it is but i have to agree with jayden and jaz. its not really in the servers theme. Plus imagine the lag. the server hasnt introduced their own craftable thing. and i think the owners would prefer to keep the server semi-vanilla. what im trying to say as it would be harder to give EVERYONE the item because what about all the new people that join and old players? it would have to be craftable and then it would be made out of iron, copper or dirt-


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    I agree with the others, not the theme of the server. There is a community for that and probably servers who have that.