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  • Introducing Bandanafied


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    Hello Everyone,

    The Username I go by on Vulengate is Bandanafied. I have been a part of this server for about three years (My Server birthday is here in a couple days). I chose to introduce myself because I suppose I never properly did in the first place.

    I am currently twenty seven years old and I love forming bonds with player’s across the world. I enjoy learning about others and hearing their experiences, all while we do the one thing we all have in common. Play Minecraft.

    I am always open to lending an ear and giving away the knowledge I have and the wisdom I have gained, be it real life or Minecraft.

    Some more about my background:

    I have worked with at-risk youth most of my adult life and currently work as a supervisor for a Prison that houses juvenile felons up to nineteen years old. I spend all my time at work that I can mentoring and coaching the youth so that they may one day be successful in regular society rather then continue into adult corrections (prison). I really enjoy helping others to change their life for the better. Additionally, I have been a part of U.S Army National Guard for the past 9 years and I don’t plan on leaving until they kick me out for being to old.

    Back to Vulengate and Minecraft talk;

    Due to moving around a lot for my jobs Ive been gone for long periods of time from the server but when I could I would try to purchase MVP+ as a way to give my financial support to what I believe is the single greatest Minecraft server. I’ve played on multiple servers and even been a manager and builder for a couple others, Vulengate has them all beat. I believe COMMUNITY is where it’s at and I think Vulengate does a great job at fostering a great community that any person can get wrapped up in and enjoy.

    I’ve made alot of friends in my time with Vulengate, some are Mods and even SrMods now, some have moved on in my absence, and some don’t recognize me due to time away but I’ve made a lot of great memories with the players of this server.

    I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my future playing on Vulengate but I know for sure will be something to cherish.

    As for now, I’m back and I plan on keeping it that way. What I have going on is trying to form a community for the build I have had sitting on the server for quite some time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to turn it into a town sometime soon and gather like minded individuals to work together and make something even more incredible.

    I always hated English class so there’s probably a few mistakes and misspellings

    If you want to talk or play together look for me in Red or Discord

    Hope this wasn’t too long,