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    Nov 13, 2018
    Hello guys, first ill say my ingame name is The__Forester, so there are confusions about this topic and i play mostly on blue server.

    Okay lemme start, some time ago myself, sodahilll and o_oblu made world map, which we planned to sell 400.000$ piece, then i stoped playing on blue for some time and now when im back i see that there are world maps that arent payed for, there for they are illegal.
    I know this isnt art, and anybody can do it, but nobody will, and we spend many hours puting it together and now we see that people have them and they are rather unpleasant about it aswell, one person for sure i know that has it is player named "Malke" and when i asked him about it, his reply was: "oi twat Sam let me copy it so you can fuck off"
    "its a fucking MAP, get a grip" - which can be looked into logs
    My email to him/her wasnt as near as vulgar or insulting, even gave him a chance so we could resolve this civilised way, but it doesnt work.
    The person mentioned in email "Sam" i assume is SamChr, i send him message but he is either afk at the time or he ignors me.
    I reported this already to helper Ronnsom, and he is very helpfull trying to resolve this.

    Aditional information about this whole situation:

    1. Im reporting this for the reason that i spend most time creating it, about 60-70% of world i explored alone, thats why i dont want anybody else have copy of it, also nobody at the time except previously mentioned people didnt want to help with it.

    2. When we finished world map, i was talking to Undisclosedhost how this would be treated in a "legal" view of server, i dont remember what exactly he said to me since it was some months ago, but he gived me a hint that if something like this happens, he would be on my side, if he doesnt remember this i understand, he is a busy guy and he may replied to my message quick then gone to other.

    3. People that have legally map are myself, sodahilll, o_oblu, SamChr, and one donated to town of Athens

    But globaly you can see what my grudge is, i was leader in creating first and only world map, wanted to limit it to specific people and now anybody can have it? Its not fair.

    I hope staff will take some time and read my report,
    thank you for your time!

    New Edit:
    As i dig for more information, i found out that one of creators "sodahilll" allowed some world maps to be copyed beacuse he tought i wont come back to game (since i take few months break from mc) and he probably didnt care for money, i still think all illegal maps should be removed from existence.
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