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  • How many times have you changed your MC name?


    So players, changing your MC name is pretty common these days, especially since it's free, unlike other services. *Xbox* But this forum thread is for people to tell everyone what, when, why and how many times you have changed your MC name. I would recommend using this format to make it easier to read, as well as these are my names and why I changed them.

    Name: TheHumancreep (First name)
    Date: 2014 (not sure exactly)
    Why: This was my first name in MC and I had it for a long time (about 4 years) But why "TheHumancreep" exactly? Well, I originally wanted TheHumancreeper because I thought it was "cool" but it was(and still is) taken. So I just went with TheHumancreep instead.

    Name: NOTL3mur (Second name)
    Date: Sept 8th, 2018
    Why: Mainly for a joke, at this time everything else had the name L3mur, like my discord, skype, steam, etc. And L3mur for MC is taken. Next best thing? NOTL3mur of course!

    Name: _L3mur_ (Third and final name, hopefully)
    Date: Oct 9th, 2018
    Why: Well as I said in the last reason, L3mur is taken as a name and I was getting tired of having NOTL3mur as my name since a lot of people got confused. So _L3mur_ was the best choice for me. Would I rather choose L3mur as my name? 100%. Will I ever get the chance to do that? Not sure but _L3mur_, right now, is the name I will probably stick with for a very, very long time.


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    Honestly I struck gold with this name, so when I purchased Minecraft in 2012 and no one had it, it was a good day.


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    I've had this name since 2012. A lot of players say its really confusing because it could say A-damn- ewbie or Adam-newbie. I don't like names with numbers at the end and I like to capitalize the first letter