Heya. :)

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  1. Ark

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    Feb 11, 2019
    Heya again.

    I am Arkyne_9
    Just call me Ark.

    I am not used to socializing so please forgive me if I miss a message or seem standoffish.
    Stand of fish. huh. weird.

    Only one way to get better. And that's through exposure to people.

    I have a very hard time reading chat whilst playing.
    Too many pits, lava and lava pits to read n run.

    I tried turning on the narrator...
    I made it for about 30 seconds.
    It was bad.
    Really bad.

    I hope to find some friends in this new place.
    Good servers are far and few.
    This is the first one I've felt I should try for more than a very short run.

    See you in Blue. :)
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