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  • Help on Selling


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    So i've wanted to know how selling things works, and if it can be done on my own plot. if yes then how?


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    Hey Towie, you can sell things at your own place or at a Market Plot [Forest or Mooshroom] by placing down a chest, holding the item you want to sell as well as how many of that item you'd like to sell at a time.
    The command you would use is /qs create [sale amount] and voila! you've created your own chest shop.

    So as an example, You'd like to sell apples and a quarter of a stack. You would hold the 16 Apples you'd like to sell in your hand and would use the command /qs create 50. That would then create a shop with a sign that says you're selling 16 apples for $50. Players would then be able to click on that sign and purchase your goods.

    You also don't need to be at a server market plot to do this either, you can do at your own personal place or Player Warp, or also at a friends player warp. As long as they've given you the right trust to be able to do so.

    I hope this helps.


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    Selling is not easy, you have to make sure of many things. Your location is one of it. What crowd is near your location? What is the common thing they like the most. If you want to sell and get faster profits, sell something that solves peoples problem.


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    1. Make it about them.
    2. Do Your research before reaching out.
    3. Build Rapport first.
    4. Define your buyer.
    5. Contribute first, second sell.
    6. ASk questions, and listen.
    7. Be mindful of psychological quirks.
    8. Approach them on there level.