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    Aug 30, 2019
    Hello everyone. A2giss here.

    I am a 20 year old male from South Korea!

    I recently resumed playing Minecraft again after 3 years of vacancy. Everything feels like the first time I turned on Minecraft xD I was finding a nice server to restart my Minecraft experience and encountered this lovely, peaceful server.

    When I used to play often three years ago, I used to specialize in redstone circuitry.(My major is Electronic Engineering and no kidding, redstone helped me a LOT with logic gates and Boolean algebra xD) I also love to build towns in places with beautiful scenery with rivers and all.

    I am a little shy in front of new people so I may seem really quiet. But I get really active once we become friends, and I would definitely like to become friendly with you all!

    My best regards from Korea, and Go Green, server!

    (P.S.: I would really love to know who plays Warframe here xd It's a scarcity in Korea ;_; )

    (TMI: My username is basically a play of words in Korean of the word "Aegis". It's pronounced as [Ah-ee-gis] since 2 is "ee" in Korean. :D)
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    Welcome man!