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  • February Artmap Event


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    Another Artmap Event is here! This is an individual event that takes place in the realm of your choice. This is a shared event across all servers and there will be a total of 7 winners.

    This month we wish you a Happy Valentines and Happy 6th Birthday to Vulengate!

    This means your theme may be "Valentines and/or "Birthday"


    • All entries MUST be original and done by yourself. You may not submit existing pixel art, whether it is your own or strongly referenced off of someone else's work.
    • Artmaps must be painted using the artmap plugin; /artmap.
    • Artmaps must be painted within the event period on the Vulengate server.
    • Artmaps must be 9 canvases or less. There is no restriction on dimensions.
    • There should be only one entry per person.
    • Artmaps must be submitted by FEBRUARY 12th 2023 at 23:59 UTC.
    • Artmaps will be judged blindly (judges will not know whose art is whose).
    • Artmaps will be judged based off of: how much it follows the theme, creativity / uniqueness, aesthetics, and overall complexity.

    To submit, display your art and fill out the form below:
    Click Here <<


    The first place artmap will be featured in spawn.

    1st -6x [2023 Anniversary] Keys5x [Events] Keys2x [Rainbow] Keys1x 7 Days Fly Voucher
    2nd -5x [2023 Anniversary] Keys4x [Events] Keys1x [Rainbow] Key1x 7 Days Fly Voucher
    3rd -4x [2023 Anniversary] Keys3x [Events] Keys1x [Rainbow] Key1x 3 Days Fly Voucher
    4th -3x [2023 Anniversary] Keys2x [Events] Keys1x 3 Days Fly Voucher
    5th -2x [2023 Anniversary] Keys1x [Events] Key1x 24 Hours Fly Voucher
    Two random winners will win: 1x [2023 Anniversary] Key, 1x [Events] Key

    Please submit your entry by FEBRUARY 12th 2023 at 23:59 UTC

    Winners will be announced 1-3 days after the event is over.


    Brought to you by the Events Team

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