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  • Factory Event


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    Get ready for a rare Vulengate redstone event! The aim is to build with redstone (such as sorters / farms) to gather as many items as you can. You will be given a plot to build in along with a digging site. There will be an output hopper giving out random items and you need to get them to an input hopper to earn points.
    There will be 2 rounds. Both rounds have a team slot and an individuals slot, 1 hour each. The game itself takes 40 minutes total. A team slot will have 8 teams of 3 members. Afterwards, 8 individual players will compete. There will be a total of 32 players per round.

    Factory 1
    Team slot: Sunday, 16th 11pm UTC
    Individuals: Sunday, 17th 12am (midnight) UTC
    Factory 2
    Team slot: Monday, 17th October 5pm UTC
    Individuals: Monday, 17th October 6pm UTC
    The server will be opened 15 minutes beforehand. In order to join you must sign up in the Factory event discord server: https://discord.gg/gXCtDahr7K

    • All regular Vulengate rules apply
    • If a team member is missing or not helping, you will still need to proceed
    • Accidentally buying things or inputting items will not be undone
    • You can NOT do both rounds, or participate individually if you were in a team and vice versa
    A team shares the same balance of /points. You will get 10 minutes to build before the OUTPUT hopper starts outputting random items. You can continue building though. Items are random but every plot gets identical output
    Get as many items as you can into the INPUT hoppers. Items put into the INPUT hoppers convert to points. Some items are more valuable when smelted, crafted, enchanted, and so on. Chucking everything you get isn’t the best strategy
    You can buy materials from the NETHER_STAR in your inventory using points. Each plot starts with 200 points. There will be winners for the most points earned. Spend wisely!
    Demo video

    Winners are based on who has the most points. 3 out of 8 teams will win, and team members get equal prizes. For example: each member of the first place team will get the first place prize and each member of the second place team will get the second place prize. Two random players will get 1 Fall key + 1 Event key each, only if they participated in the team slot and their team did not win. After the team slot, 3 out of 8 individuals from the individual slot will win.

    Teams Slot
    First place team: 4 [Fall] Keys, 3 [Events] Keys, 1 [Rainbow] Key, and a 3 Days Fly Voucher per member​
    Second place team: 3 [Fall] Keys, 2 [Events] Keys, 1 [Rainbow] Key, and a 24 Hours Fly Voucher per member​
    Third place team: 2 [Fall] Keys and 1 [Events] Key per member​
    Individuals Slot
    First place: 4 [Fall] Keys, 3 [Events] Keys, 1 [Rainbow] Key, and a 3 Days Fly Voucher
    Second place: 3 [Fall] Keys, 2 [Events] Keys, 1 [Rainbow] Key, and a 24 Hours Fly Voucher
    Third place: 2 [Fall] Keys and 1 [Events] Key

    Any additional information will be pinned in the #events channel on discord if needed!
    If you have any questions, please ask in #events and not in #questions.
    Event plugin, concept, and design by Smudgg <3
    Event landscape by
    Smudgg and JaydenWrynn