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  • Elytra Race Event + Event Crate


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    Join us this Saturday, the 28th of March on the Event Server for our first Elytra Race Event!

    The event will be split into stages as we want to provide as many players as we can with a smooth experience.

    Stage 1 will start at 2PM EST and will host up to 60 players with 12 Races, 5 people at a time will compete with each other. Stage 2 will start at 3PM EST and function the same as Stage 1.

    The winners from Stage 1 and Stage 2 will meet up in Stage 3 at 4PM EST and will race in the semi-finals and finals.

    You may not participate in both Stage 1 and Stage 2.

    In order to take part in this event, you will need to register on the forums for the Stage you would like to participate in.

    Click either of the links below to visit the forums post and submit your registration.
    >> Stage 1 <<
    >> Stage 2 <<

    There will be 8 winners in total after Stage 3 has finished!
    1st Place - 8 Spring Keys + 7 Events Keys
    2nd Place - 7 Spring Keys + 6 Events Keys
    3rd Place - 6 Spring Keys + 5 Events Keys
    4th Place - 5 Spring Keys + 4 Events Keys
    5th Place - 4 Spring Keys + 3 Events Keys
    6th Place - 3 Spring Keys + 2 Events Keys
    Bonus rewards for 7th & 8th Place - 2 Spring Keys

    We hope this will be fun for everyone, see you on Saturday!


    Introducing the new Events Crate!

    The Events Team has been working on a crate with exclusive items! You can only win these keys by taking part in an event.

    The Events Crate is at spawn near the market NPCs. You can also get there by using /warp events

    Left click on the crate to get information about the contents of the crate – please check regularly as the contents and chances of winning may change. New items will be added at later dates, including exclusive tags. Try to collect them all!

    We look forward to seeing you at the next event!