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  • Donator Ranks Change


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    After some thinking we have decided to make donor ranks global across all three servers again. This means that if you purchase a donor rank, you will get it on all three servers. Additionally, each rank can no longer use kits from the rank below it. For example MVP's can no longer use VIP and Donor kits. This change was made to bring some balance and also because an improved Wild Crate is currently in the works. Rank Upgrades have also been added to the store.

    To those that currently have their donor rank on only one server, please contact Kureen on discord. Include your In Game Name, Rank and servers you are missing your rank on.

    To those that purchased a donor rank more than once, you will be compensated with seasonal keys, once again contact Kureen for that.

    Please note that cross server key trading is still not allowed.

    Thanks for reading!