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  • Death Run Event


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    Welcome to Death Run Event!

    This Saturday on the 30th of May 6PM UTC

    This is an individual event, not server vs server!
    Only 85 players will be allowed to join, so make sure you make it on time!

    You will be able to join the event 10 minutes before the start.

    Please read the information below so you are aware of the rules, how the event will work, and what the prizes are! Also please see the information pinned in #events on discord.


    You will spawn in the portals area where you have to jump in your server color portal to get to the event spawn area.

    There are various obstacles you need to overcome to get to the end. If you die you will be teleported back to your last checkpoint.

    Checkpoints are marked with signs and heavy metal pressure plates. You have to walk on the pressure plate to set your checkpoint.

    Certain areas provide information, so make sure to read everything on the signs!

    First 5 players to complete the run win prizes! When 5 people have completed the run, additional 2 minutes will be given to everybody else for a bonus prize for 6th place!


    1st Place - 7 Seasonal Keys, 5 Event Keys + 2x 7 Days Fly Voucher
    2nd Place - 6 Seasonal Keys, 4 Event Keys + 7 Days Fly Voucher
    3rd Place - 5 Seasonal Keys, 3 Event Keys + 3 Days Fly Voucher
    4th Place - 4 Seasonal Keys, 2 Event Keys + 2x 24 Hours Fly Voucher
    5th Place - 3 Seasonal Keys, 1 Event Key + 24 Hours Fly Voucher

    Bonus prize for 6th place if anyone makes it: 3 Seasonal Keys

    We hope that you will really enjoy the event. Please ask questions in #events on discord if you want to know more. The usual event server rules will apply, and you can see these in pinned messages in #events on discord.

    The Event Server IP is:

    If that doesn’t work you can use: