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    Sep 12, 2019
    So I was planning to make a God-set of armor and weapons, but with all the different custom enchants I was wondering what was the best combination of them. Armor doesn't have too many custom enchants so that is pretty easy, but swords/bows have a lot of them so it's hard to decide. I have the following ones set in stone (might be persuaded if there is a good argument) but am undecided on the rest of them:

    1: Strength 2
    2: Bleed 5
    3: Lifesteal 5
    (100k) 6:
    (100k) 7:

    1: Bleeding Arrows 5
    2: Lifestealing Arrows 5
    3: Critical Shot 5
    (100k) 6:
    (100k) 7:

    I am also gathering information on all the custom enchants and all the crates and putting them in a spreadsheet for other people to use as well. I would like to know what else to add to this or if there are any mistakes in it:

    Link to the spreadsheet
    (Work in progress)

    PS: Also I was wondering if Armored stacks if you put it on both chestplate and leggings? So if you have Armored 3 on both of them, it would give 1.85 x 6 = 11.10% off damage?