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  • Cross Server Parkour Event

    Event open to players on all servers. No outside gear or items allowed on course so leave them at home.

    The event will consist of a serious of matches with 4 players each that will race to the top of the course and try to be the first to collect the item at the top. The players have 4 separate starting points with identical paths up. the paths all get close to each other at one point where crossing over is possible. Along each path there are two chests on small platforms you can choose to jump to. One chest will have a bow and 16 arrows and the other chest will have a shovel that will be useful at the end of the course.

    There is a Beacon in the center of the course with a jump boost.

    Winners of each match will compete for the championship. Prizes will include Special Crate keys. Prizes can be awarded on the server of your choice.


    No morphs/disguises during event. If you disguise during a match you are disqualified and if you are disguised while viewing matches your name will not be recorded for random drawings.
    No outside gear or items allowed on course.
    No Flying.
    Falling in course should not be fatal as bottom is covered with shallow water to break your fall.
    If you do happen to die, you may /back to the arena to continue.
    The match is over when one player collects the item at the top of the course.

    ** If you enter the course or interfere in anyway with a match you will be jailed for the remainder of the event and disqualified from participating.

    One of the four paths in the screenshot has cobble filled in to give you an idea of how the path flows. This will be removed before people are brought to course so the screenshot will be your only chance to see that.2018-07-13_23.22.06.png
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    I am going to try to start at 3:30pm CST (Central Standard Time / Chicago) I will start accepting tps to the area about 15 minutes prior to event