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    Oct 6, 2019
    Hey, I was thinking how we have a great community, split across 4 servers, and how we dont have any creative on any. I had a great idea then, which is basically a creative server with a custom map, where people would only be allowed to build in one style, and the style would change every few hours. To sum it up, here are the requirements:

    - Mods that take care of the server, Im sure there are people passionate on this server about building and would love to do that.
    - Without claims, so only people invested on this server are allowed to play (requires a certain rank to join)
    - Custom maps (like 2k by 2k), built in World Painter / World Machine, with themes. Jungle, Desert, Vulcano, Grand Canyon, or even event themes like Overgrown or Spooky like we had. Changes every 1-2 months
    - Backups every few hours or at least once a day, as grief protection if it should occur

    Here is the potential in it:

    - Adds creative to the server, but with a lot of focus on community building, instead of working in solitude, something I feel like only servers like ours can do
    - Could add shop elements for the creative site, small access to world edit (editing at most like 50-100 blocks at once), MVPs being eligible to vote for the upcoming creative map themes
    - Way of representation, these creative maps could become a huge gallery of things this server has built, and everyone can be a part of that. It should be clear for every building in the world who worked on it, so if you participated you can always go back and say "I contributed this".
    - Contest for creating the custom maps to build on, I think this would be really fun and different.
    - And obviously bringing the people from the different servers together, so we can all create something together

    I bet Im not the only person who enjoys building in creative from time to time, but I do miss the community aspect in that. We have a great community, so why not bring these together? I think the requirements are really tame, it has a lot of potential and would really fit Vulengate.

    Edit: Ah, and don't get me wrong. By griefing I mean straight up destroying things. Changing the buildings others built a little or finishing builds that were started isnt off limits, neither is helping others without asking first, its really meant as more of a community thing, anyone can build wherever they want, it just has to be in the given style, so what we end up is a big build where everyone worked together on, without borders.
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