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    So I've heard the new crate came out, But you can only get the key by purchasing it, or getting it from other crates, and you can also get a key by winning a game, and that got me thinking. There are some players in the game who are not able to buy keys from a store either because they don't have money, or they live under their parents house and wont allow them to. And its really really REALLY rare for you to get a Hawaiian key from the wild crate or the vote crate since those are the only 2 some players can afford to get. So I was wondering if the server could make another crate for those who are unfortunate enough to get them self a Egyptian key or a Hawaiian Key. Those who CAN buy them self which ever key, have 5 crates to choose from, but those who cant only have 2 crates to choose from. I know that the server need to get back some money from the game, Which is OK, but maybe just to make this a bit more fair for those who cant purchase anything with their real money :/


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    Hey! Today was the day that we released the hawaiian crate and right now you can pretty much only buy the keys. But as time goes on we will add different means to aquire these keys so those who cannot buy them has a chance at opening the crate :) I can not tell you right now how these will be obtainable but there will for example be events and competitions where everyone has a fair chance at winning keys.