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    Jun 16, 2020
    Hi there!
    Last week, my friend and I noticed that a new claim had been placed down extremely close to our claim. We contacted a mod, Niminis (I believe), and he came to take a look. He told me then that he would send the person an in game mail to tell them they needed to leave. He told us that if the person had not done so within a week, another mod could come in and remove them.

    Well, as of a few hours ago, we had discovered that the player established a beacon and was tearing down the mountains around our claim. So my friend, the claim owner, contacted a Helper who came to take a look. They told us that because the person's building is 100 blocks away from one of our many buildings, it was fine for them to continue.

    I'm writing this because at the time, my friend (IGN is Lord_Imantar) was ill equipped to handle the situation. He speaks English as a second language and has difficulty reading and writing English quickly. So he has discussed with me what happened and I'm here to solve the issue.

    As per the In Depth Rules for the server, it clearly states that a claim must be 100 blocks distance from another claim. He took screen shots that clearly show the edges of our two claims are only 10 blocks apart. On top of this, rule 14 clearly indicates that we have a right to ask that a person not build next to our claim and those wishes need to be respected.

    The player in question, IGN: Little_Dude6261, is exhibiting destructive building habits that do not lend well to the builds we are going for as we establish our town and bring our other RL friends into the game to help us.
    We ask that he be contacted again, told to leave, and if possible for that area to be rolled back to before it was destroyed. If a rollback is not possible, that's fine, we have enough claim block allowance to consume his area entirely and are willing to rebuild the landscape if need be.

    Here are the screenshots that show his claim border is only 10 blocks from ours:
    The stair in the fore field is the edge of our claim, the stair in the far field is his claim. This measures to only 10 total blocks distance. 1/10th the stated requirement for distance as per rule 28 listed on the In Depth Rules post on this forum.

    I thank you for your assistance with this matter.
    NightAngel21 (IGN & Forum)
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    Hi there,

    This seems to have been handled in game already with Lord_Imantar. The player in question has been told not to expand/build closer and will do so in the opposite direction. The distance taken was between the builds/base on each side when making the decision